Bartender Cover Letter No Experience Example For Resume

Bartender Cover Letter Sample 1: 

I am writing this letter to express my sincere interest in employment with your team as a Bartender at your new restaurant. I believe I possess the experience and embody the qualities that are suitable for the position you have available. I would be grateful for the opportunity to expand on my experiences and learn more about your establishment during a personal interview with you.

My experience in the food and beverage industry includes over fourteen years of providing quality, first-class customer service. My background covers a variety of food establishment types ranging from casual to luxury settings. Additionally, working in the food and beverage industry has also allowed me to broaden and deepen my knowledge in wines and spirits, strengthen my guest relationship skills, and develop a strong teamwork mentality. My natural flexibility and inherent patience afford me the ability to operate in unpredictable and continuously changing conditions. Lastly, I feel my friendly and approachable nature is ideal for building and growing fruitful relationships with both customers and staff.

I am highly interested in a Bartender position and would welcome the chance to further explore this opportunity during an interview. I feel my passion for food and beverage service and background will be complimentary to your company and can be a positive addition to your team.

Bartender Cover Letter Sample 2: 

I came across your advertisement regarding the vacancy for a bartender in your upcoming restaurant in the city, and this cover letter/application is to express my high level of interest in said position.

After completing my high school, I became a waitress at a high-profile Thai restaurant. My skills in terms of hospitality, guest relations and customer service got me my present job. Over the past 2 years at my current job, I have picked up a variety of skills in handling diverse kinds of customers, managing work pressure, memorizing and taking orders, maintaining a pleasant demeanor and offering the highest level of customer service.

I was recently offered a bonus as an appreciation for my work. I have the reputation for delivering excellent customer service and ensuring highest level of customer satisfaction at all times.

In addition to the skills I picked up on-the-job, I also have completed a basic training in food and beverage, which allows me to help guests choose the best dishes/drinks in accordance with their taste and preferences. I am fluent in both English and Spanish. My multilingual skills and ability to connect with people allows me to understand guests needs and serve them efficiently.

I keep myself updated with all the current and new drinks, so I can suggest and take orders competently. I also arrive well before my shift time so I can prepare well for the day ahead and also interact with the team to maintain a flow. My colleagues and supervisors describe me as a “reliable, hard-working and positive” person.

More details on my qualification and experience are included in the attached resume. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bartender Cover Letter Sample 3: 

I am writing in to express my interest for the Bartender position at your restaurant. I understand from your ad that you are looking for a young, dynamic and experienced bartender. I am excited to tell you that I meet all your requirements and am eager to leverage my experience, skills, and knowledge to contribute to your establishment’s bottom line.

I have 3 years of extensive experience as a professional bartender and am currently employed with FunTimes restaurant. During my career, I have established myself as a high quality bartender. Some of my key job responsibilities include:

  • Providing quality experiences to all guests
  • Preparing and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Taking beverage orders directly from customers or servers
  • Collecting money for drinks served
  • Checking identification of customers to verify their age when needed
  • Washing and sterilizing glassware
  • Cleaning and resetting tables in bar area
  • Maintaining glasses and bottles in a neat, functional, and attractive manner
  • Answering customers’ questions regarding beverages
  • Notifying Floor Supervisor any time a customer is not fully satisfied with services offered
  • Limiting as far as possible liability and problems related to customers’ excessive drinking by taking actions such as persuading them to stop drinking or arranging taxis for their transportation

I am a team player to the core, but can also work alone if a situation demands so. My inherent pleasing personality and my strong oral communication skills work to my advantage in my endeavor to provide excellent service to customers. I am extremely fit physically and have no problem in standing for long hours or performing physical tasks associated with this job.

My resume is attached with this application and provides you all the necessary details regarding my education, work experience, and professional achievements. Considering my credentials and experience, I am sure you will give me an opportunity of a personal interview.

Like all other cover letters, your bartending cover letter will only get a few minutes of consideration in which you have to hold the employer’s interest. Therefore;

•Customize your letter according to the bartending position
•Keep it according to the formal business letter format
•Make it error free because mistakes can result in immediate rejection

It does not matter if you do not have enough experience in the similar position; all you have to do is flaunt your transferable skills which are required for this job - without showing where you lack.

Use the following sample to write an exceptional letter.

Bartending Cover Letter – No Experience 

12 Fourth Street
San Francisco, CA, US 94103

Mar 30, 2013

Mr. Matt Van Stone
Recruitment Manager
Pyramid Hotel Group
One Post Office Square, Suite 3100
Boston, MA 02109

Dear Ms. Michael:

I am writing to express my strong interest in Bartender position at the Pyramid Hotel Group. As a charismatic and energetic individual, I have the ability to go beyond your expectations. Your hotel has inspired me because of the people-centric principles that define your business beliefs, expectations and how you have been delivering extraordinary services all around USA.

Following are my relevant skills and strengths which make me an excellent candidate for this position:

Customer Service and Communication
•Expert in greeting, welcoming all guests initiating and engaging them in conversation in a pleasant and professional manner
•Demonstrated ability to read and comprehend instructions, menus and customer requests
•Able to effectively present information to customers, clients and staff members
•Proven ability to resolve customers’ problem tactfully while ensuring satisfaction

Skills gained during experience as a waitress
•Served food and beverages in a friendly, courteous and professional manner according to company’s quality standards
•Trained in setting up, maintaining and clearing up banquet rooms
•Maintained workplace sanitation in an organized manner
•Maintained all tables: placed utensils and wares, cleaned and resettled tables immediately after customers leave

Other Strengths
•Boston County food handler's card
•Certification in alcohol awareness program
•Fluent in English (verbal and written)

I am confident that the skills and qualifications I have explained will help me to perform all bartending job activities with excellent outcome. I have enclosed my resume for your review. I look forward to meet you in an interview for which I will follow up on my application after seven days. Meanwhile, you can call me at (233) 123-1234 for further information.

Yours truly,

(Signature in ink)
Polina Zvavitch


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