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Please request instruction at least one week in advance; this allows time for communication and for the librarian to plan a session tailored to your students' needs.

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For Librarians

  • Web vs. Library (video)
  • Google: My Teacher Doesn't Like the Citations (Unshelved, 27.10.07)
  • Internet vs. Library: There's More than Google (Unshelved, 25.06.07)
  • Internet vs. Library: Illegal Downloading (Unshelved, 26.06.07)
  • Internet vs. Library: Authoritative Sources (Unshelved, 27.06.07)
  • Internet vs. Library: Reading (Unshelved, 28.06.07)
  • Internet vs. Library: We Complete Each Other (Unshelved, 30.06.07)
  • Internet vs. Library: Book Synergy (Unshelved, 09.07.07)
  • Internet vs. Library: E-books (Unshelved, 10.07.07)
  • Internet vs. Library: Free vs. Fee (Unshelved, 11.07.07)
  • Internet vs. Library: Who Creates the Content? (Unshelved, 13.07.07)
  • BIO 111: Scientific Communication Cycle

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Research Assignment Planner

Research in the Academic Context

Research and writing is an integral part of the university learning experience. The goal in all research-based writing is not simply to say what others have said before you, but to:

  • read what they have said;
  • work at understanding what is already known on a topic;
  • cite what researchers have said responsibly, thoroughly, and honestly; and
  • respond to what they have said, so that in your research-based writing, you are joining ongoing and valued researchers' conversations.

This assignment planner encourages you to see the research process as a series of related steps or stages...remember that you can (and probably will) return to any of these stages to refine your thinking as you work through your research assignment.

Research Assignment Planner @ UFV

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