1000 Words Essay On Corruption In Jamaica

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Oct 25, 2017

People often think that they are at the mercy of corruption, and it is just a “way of life.”  However, every society, sector and citizen would benefit from getting united against corruption in their everyday life.



On December 9th, 2016, Belize took a historic step by signing its accession to the United Nations’ Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), becoming the 182nd country worldwide to sign onto this international agreement.  For more details on the UNCAC, feel free to view the following website:



This reflection activity is designed to help Belizean students celebrate the first anniversary of UNCAC signature in Belize and commemorate International Anti-Corruption Day. Globally, all countries actively engage youth, women, civil society and other relevant stakeholders in commemoration of anti-corruption day activities. And Belize as part of the global community is pleased to join in these worldwide efforts.


Essay topic:

Explain one type of corruption that you have observed or personally experienced in Belize, and outline your proposed solution for addressing that type of corruption.



What are the requirements?

  • The essay should be 2 to 4 pages in length, or maximum 1000 words.
  • Preferably typewritten, or hand written clearly
  • Indicate your name, phone number, school or university, and mark it: UNCAC ESSAY CONTEST
  • Essay entries cannot have already been published
  • Essay must be your original work
  • Any essays found to be plagiarized will be automatically disqualified and the student will be prohibited from entering any future competitions
  • Participants cannot be close relatives of UNDP staff
  • Deadline for submission is: 15 November 2017.


Who are the judges?

Mr. Gerardo Noto, Governance and Peacebuilding Cluster Leader, Panama, United Nations Development Programme  (UNDP)

Ms. Virginia de Abajo Marqués, Anti-Corruption Regional Advisor, at United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)


What will be the prizes for the selected winners?

There are two categories: (1) secondary, and (2) college/university.

Each category has the following prizes:

First prize: a Dell laptop computer, including software

Second and third prizes:  backpack with the United Nations logo, containing basic school supplies


Winning essays will be published in Amandala newspaper.



Where do I submit my essay?


Send by e-mail to Ms. Karen Bernard at UNDP in Belmopan, karen.bernard@undp.org, tel 610-6369.

Or drop the essay at our UNDP office in Belmopan, 3rd Floor, Lawrence Nicholas Building, South Ring Road, next to the water reservoir.

Or drop the essay at UNICEF office on 1 Coney Drive, Gordon House 3rd floor, in Belize City

Please indicate: Atn: Ms. Karen Bernard, UNCAC ESSAY CONTEST


Corruption is the abuse o% entrusted power %or pri+ate -ain. $t can be classi%ied as -rand  petty and political dependin- on the nature o% the action and the sector where it occurs. $t corrodes the %abric o% society. $t under*ines people/s trust in political and econo*ic syste*s institutions and leaders. $t can cost people their %reedo* %a*ily health *oney and so*eti*es their li+es.&he issue o% corruption

and its

abuse o% public o%%ice %or pri+ate -ain has attracted renewed interest both a*on- acade*ics and policy*aers. any -o+ern*ents in a*aica and other Caribbean territories ha+e be


 toppled because o% corruption. Globalization has created *assi+e opportunities %or the *isappropriation o% %un e3cessi+e pro%its and has o%ten been acco*panied by a chan-e %ro* a wellor-anized syste* o% corruption to a *ore chaotic and deleterious one.


 ha+e placed less e*phasis on political considerations in allocatin- %orei-n aid a*on-


 countries and ha+e paid *ore attention to cases in which aid %unds ha+e been *isused and ha+e not reached the poor.

Corruption have hit our school and homes, head on and there seem to be nothing that can be done about it.

,e as citizen o%ten wonder how can we %eel sa%e nowin- that the police o%%icer whoseduties is to ser+e and protect accept *oney %or 4ust about anythin-. 'ow can citizen %eel sa%enowin- that their e*bers o% parlia*ent and councilors will%ully participate in corruptacti+ities nowin- that corruption can i*pede de*ocracy and the rules o% law in a de*ocraticsyste*. &hose 5ublic institutions and o%%ices *ust there%ore lose their le-iti*acy when they*isuse their power %or pri+ate interest. Corruption *ay also result in ne-ati+e conseuences suchas encorin- cynicis* and reduction o% interest in political participation instability in the political parties reduction in political co*petition and transparency o% political decision *ain-.Corruption also support distortin- political de+elop*ent and sustainin- political acti+ity based on

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