Nerac Research Paper

For real-time business news alerts and market updates, you need a team of experienced professionals monitoring the information essential to your company’s success.

Nerac saves you valuable resources by concentrating only on key developments relevant to your research needs.

Our market research services include:

Business Opportunity Identification and Vetting

By identifying your corporate strengths and weaknesses, Nerac helps you find sources of innovation and growth that support your corporate interests.

Market Assessment Services

Nerac helps you understand the size and financial potential of market opportunities. We tell you exactly where and how your company’s products, technology, and expertise fit into a potential market.

Competitive Intelligence

Whether you need focused, competitive research on a specific company or technology, or new development tracking as it becomes published, Nerac gives you key actionable results.
We gather and analyze competitive intelligence to help you make better market decisions, including competitor patent searches, specific market opportunities, and comparison of product specifications.

Product Development and Commercialization

Nerac screens and monitors areas of interest to speed your product development and commercialization. We help you minimize overall development time and costs through research of emerging, competing, or adjacent products and technologies.

Strategic Alliance Services

We identify and evaluate merger, acquisition, partnership, and licensing opportunities to create strategic alliances for your business development.

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By Kevin Closson, M.S., MBA
Originally Published: February 6, 2018

In today’s business climate, leaders have to spend their valuable time on those things that provide real value. Often the focus is on immediacy, but executives are also charged with charting the strategic direction of their firms. One excellent tool that can help optimize planning methodologies is the competitive landscape analysis. This tool isn’t just for marketing or strategy professionals, and it is relatively easy to undertake. The real value derived from such analyses is often misunderstood. This article describes the inherent value of conducting a CLA and why they are worth exploring in more detail. Read more here!

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