Sci 275 Week 7 Assignment 2

[Name] SPCH275: Public Speaking Talk Nerdy To Me - Critique April 14, 2016 Presentation available at: Introduction Speaker Melissa Marshall’s presentation titled “Talk nerdy to me” caught my initial attention. I had no idea what the topic was about until I began watching the video. The speaker caught my attention by comparing her experiences when teaching a communications class of engineering students as “a whole new world” this notion became captivating as I began to focus my attention on the speaker in hopes of discovering what this “whole new world” was like for her. The world of engineering as I imagine it to be is much different than the everyday world that we all live in. Invention: Ethos: The speaker seemed to have intimate knowledge about the information in which she was presenting. Because this was based off of her experiences she appeared to know what she was talking about. I was impressed on how much the speaker learned during her experience. She used terms and jargon (spacetial and temporal) that I assume are being used in the engineering world without confusing her audience members. The speaker did appear to be passionate about providing helpful tips of ways engineers and scientists can invite us to their “wonder land” and communicate parts of their world.

SPCH275: Public Speaking Critique 8/20/2015 Presentation available at [URL] Introduction: Sherry starts the speech out by talking about her daughter; How her daughter texted her “good luck” this is relatable to the audiences who have kids. It drew them in because they get to hear about Sherry’s daughter and what kind of impact she has made in her life. Sherry grabs the audience’s attention with stories about her daughter Rebecca coming with her to her first Ted Talk in 1996 when she was just five years old. She wanted her audience to be able to reminisce with her as she spoke of her daughter coming with her to her speeches. After she talks about her daughter for a bit she goes straight to the point because she knows she has the audience’s full attention. She spoke about her achievements in 1996 how she wrote a book on how she celebrated her life. By now the audience is totally engrossed with what she has to say. Sherry than fast forwards to 2012 where she says technology has changed, she’s back at Ted talk and her daughter is in college. This should give the audience who attended her 1996 Ted Talk a nostalgic feeling. Some audiences who grew with the speaker o love to feel nostalgic. It shows who stuck around all those years. Invention : Sherry delivered a very insightful speech, the canon of rhetoric she used was Invention. Invention concerns finding something to say (its name derives from the Latin invenire, "to find."). Certain common categories of thought became conventional to use in order to brainstorm for material. These common places (places = topoi in Greek) are called the "topics of invention." They include, for example, cause and effect, comparison, and various relationships. . She had shown so much emotion in her speech “connected but lone?” You can tell she had so much passion for what she believed in, she was passionate about today’s issues about

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