How To Write An English Coursework Commentary On Isaiah

  1. I really need some help with how to write my style commentary for my Creative Writing Coursework for AQA A Level English Language.

    Can anybody please provide me with a template?
    Any advice would be helpful!

    Thanks so much

  2. Hi Beth, We were told to take out quotes from our pieces and analyse the techniques we used and why we used them (e.g. colloquial lexis to match my younger audience). We were also told to compare our pieces and techniques we used to real life texts (I did opinion pieces so I compared my pieces to opinion pieces written on the Guardian website). I was also told by my teacher to start off my essay saying what the functions, audience and where my piece would be published in real life in my introduction paragraph. Hope this helps, you might want to check with your teacher as I'm with Edexcel English Language.

  3. Hi Beth,
    We were taught that your commentary had to answer 4 questions.
    What is this text? (monologue,script etc)
    Who is it for?
    What is it for?
    What type of language have you used?
    I'd mention things like pragmatics,phonetics/phonology,lexis,grammar,discours e.

    Writing a commentary is exactly like analysing a text apart from you have to include/suggest improvements that you'd make in one of the final paragraphs.
    Also i'd avoid using "i" because it deformalises it.
    good luck


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