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President Barack Hussein Obama

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Excellency’s ObamaCares Health Care Reform

enters. Nothing is moreimportant than the health of every citizen. Your health care plan would truly benefit a lot of people,

especially the ones who can’t afford it. But removing the provision of birth control and abortion coverage

in your health care plans would help its beneficiaries, more

for they won’t experience the side effects of it, they won’t have the diseases that can cause it and most of all they won’t deprive a life of a person.

Having abortion and contraception in your health care plan gives the women the opportunity totry it. Opening them to this opportunity is opening them too to the side effects of abortion andcontraception. Oral contraceptive pill has its side effect such due to its component


estrogen andprogestin. Breast swelling and tenderness, vaginal discharge, high blood pressure and gallbladder diseaseare problem caused by estrogen component. For the worst case scenario, one could have a heart attack,stroke or breast tumor growth because of estrogen. Progestin brings weight gain, depression, fatigue andtiredness, high cholesterol, irregular menstrual bleeding and suppression of immune system. Heart attack and breast tumor growth are the worst that can happen. Abortion pills like Mifepristone, Ella, Plan B haveits side effects too. These pills can cause excessive bleeding and increase vulnerability to infection. The

The Importance of Birth Control

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We have all heard sad stories of unwanted teenage pregnancies. There are the girls who drop out of school to care for babies they did not really want, having to work to support their unexpected new "families." There are the guys who marry before they are ready and perhaps to wives they would not otherwise have married-so often these marriages end in divorce. Most tragic of all, though, are the children who grow up knowing that they were not wanted in the first place, knowing that they were more a burden to their parents than a joy even before they were born. Clearly, we as a society need to get a grip on this problem of teenage pregnancy, and the obvious solution is to encourage teens to be responsible and practice birth control. But we face so many choices in deciding which type of birth control to use. Condoms? IUDs? Diaphragms? DepoProvera injections? "The Pill"? Abortion? Abstinence? Which method of birth control is the most practical and the most likely to provide a legitimate solution to the problem of teenage pregnancy?

        Far and away the most common method of birth control today is the birth control pill. The pill is relatively easy to obtain through Planned Parenthood clinics, the price is not unreasonable, and the pill has an excellent record of success in pregnancy prevention. However, the pill places all the burden of birth control on women, and although it is usually the women who have the most to lose in unwanted pregnancy, shouldn't [GR#1] men take some of the responsibility for birth control, too? Plus, the pill is something that users must remember to take every day, even if they do not engage in sex for months or years. The pill may have the added advantages of making menstrual cycles more regular, and decreasing the sometimes painful intensity of a woman's periods, but as far as being purely a method of birth control, the pill has drawbacks, too. Besides being something that the user must remember to take each and every day regardless of the frequency of sexual activity, being on the pill involves visits to the doctor's office or to Planned Parenthood with annual or even more frequent exams and tests that may be unpleasant and cost more money.

        Diaphragms? IUDs? DepoProvera Injections? These methods, too, place all the burden of birth control on the woman.

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With diaphragms, many times they are not convenient at the exact moment that a woman wants to have sex. IUDs may be irritating or inconvenient to use, and they, too, require much planning ahead. Injections also require planning ahead, and at least right now, they are extremely expensive. Abortion? As birth control? The controversial moral issues aside, this [GR#4] is an extremely expensive solution, and one that can be traumatic emotionally as well. Abstinence? For some people abstaining from sex (by choice or not) is fine, but is this [GR#4] realistic in our society today?

        I think condoms offer the best solution to the question of which method of birth control is both practical and effective. Condoms are cheap, and they are available in most every convenience store. Using condoms requires far less planning ahead than many of the other methods of birth control, and the use of condoms allows male partners to share in the responsibility of pregnancy prevention. Certain varieties of condoms may even enhance the whole experience of having sex, and in terms of money, people don't [GR#1] use condoms except for the actual occasions when they are having sex. Some people say that condoms do not statistically have the same high rate of success in pregnancy prevention that other methods do. This [GR#4] may be true, certainly as compared to abortion or abstinence, but the difference between the effectiveness of condoms versus the pill, for instance, is very small, a matter of a percentage point or two. Even the pill is not foolproof, and with the improvements in technology that are happening almost faster than we can keep up with, latex condoms over the past decade or so have become far more an effective method of birth control than they once were, when condoms were famous for being ineffective. Some old myths linger on.

        Perhaps the single greatest advantage condoms have to offer is not a matter of birth control, though. STDs-sexually transmitted diseases: once upon a time they were a mere nuisance that a shot of penicillin could cure; now, with AIDS, STDs can kill. Unprotected sex today can be deadly. Aside from abstinence (get real!), condoms are the only protection we have today against STDs. We should use them.

        We all know that birth control is important. Whatever the method, whether it be the pill, DP injections, condoms, diaphragms, or anything else, practicing responsible birth control reduces the number of potentially tragic unwanted pregnancies that lead to so many of the sad stories we all know. Because they prevent unwanted pregnancies, are available to everyone, and are our best protection against STDs, condoms are the single best method of birth control we have today. Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls; we need to practice safe sex by using condoms.

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