Caslon Font Poster Assignment

Retrospective Exhibition Poster

The Idea behind this project was to create a poster for an upcoming exhibition. This was a follow up project from a previous typography assignment where we were given a typeface at random and worked with it throughout the semester. In my case I was given "Adobe Caslon Pro".

William Caslon began his career by serving as an apprentice to a engraver of gun locks and barrels. 1716 was the year he opened up his own engraving shop in London. He added tool-making for bookbinders and silver-chasers. Within that year his talent of cutting binding punches was recognised by John Watts. Who introduced him into printing. Watts set him up with tasks of cutting type-punches for various presses in London. In 1720 he designed a typeface that was used in a Psalter and the New Testament. Two years later he had mastered cutting Roman, Italic and Hebrew typefaces which he worked on for William Bower. Later on this became the font we recognise today as Caslon.

From this I then decided I wanted to reflect William Caslons past by representing a gun made from the characters of "Adobe Caslon pro" which helped build up his career to creating his typeface. 

Выпустите меня, или она умрет. Тревор Стратмор заключил в своей жизни достаточно сделок, когда на кону были высочайшие ставки, чтобы понимать: Хейл взвинчен и крайне опасен. Молодой криптограф загнал себя в угол, а от противника, загнанного в угол, можно ожидать чего угодно: он действует отчаянно и непредсказуемо.

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