Assignment Of Proceeds From Sale

DEFINITION of 'Assignment Of Proceeds'

Assignment of proceeds occurs when a document transfers all or part of the proceeds from a letter of credit to a third party beneficiary. A letter of credit is often used to guarantee payment of a loan or other obligation. The person who is entitled to receive those proceeds can choose to have them delivered to a third party - this is an assignment of proceeds. To receive an assignment of proceeds, the original beneficiary of the letter of credit will need to submit a request to the bank or other entity issuing the letter of credit asking to assign the funds to a different person or company.

BREAKING DOWN 'Assignment Of Proceeds'

The assignment of proceeds will need to be approved once it is submitted. Once approved, the bank or other entity will release the money to the specified party, pending fulfillment of any requirements set forth in the letter of credit. However, if the principal party does not meet the obligations outlined in the letter of credit, no assignment will take place. Samples of assignment of proceeds letters can be found on the internet. Assigning the proceeds from a letter of credit can be utilized in many types of scenarios, such as to pay suppliers or vendors in a business transaction or settle other debts.

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