My Hopes For The Future Essay

“I think that the best thing we can do for our children is to allow them to do things for themselves, allow them to be strong, allow them to experience life on their own terms, allow them to take the subway... let them be better people, let them believe more in themselves.” 
― C. JoyBell C.

During this past weekend, my son turned 17 on Sunday.  I still remember him at age 3 watching Blue Clues and wanting to play his letter and number games on the Playstation. My daughter turns 12 next month and finishing up her first year of middle school. I still remember her first birthday cupcake that she totally demolished so much that you swear she had a small version of full-size cake instead.

Times has flown by, but I still keep the same dreams and visions for both of them.  I only want the best for my children.  I definitely want to succeed in life and do a little bit better than I did. I definitely do not want them to miss out an opportunities that both their father and I did not get to experience.

Here are some of my hope and dreams for my children:

  1. Have fun in life and live a little, but understand the consequences.  I want them to be able to go out and have a good time.  I want them to live a life where they can take part in celebrations and parties.  I also want them to be responsible in their decisions and not act too foolishly.
  2. Do not be afraid of taking risks in life and not be afraid of failure.  I want them to be able to do things in their lives that will challenge both of them.  I see big things for them, but it is up to them to be able to go out and get it.  In order to get those big things in life, they have to take a risk and sometimes stumble once in a while. I will always be there for them when they need me for support, but they have to make the moves on their own without my guidance.
  3. Dream big and follow your dreams.  I wish I had the initiative to work towards my dreams sooner in life. I do not want to see them making the same mistakes as me. I want them to find their passion and follow it no matter where it goes. I want them to know what they want in life on their own.
  4. Start and finish college before exploring the world.  I took an extra 15 years until I received my undergraduate degree. It took a little bit longer because I did not focus on completing what I started.  I also took time to raise my son and daughter until my divorce with their father. It was not until that divorce that I started to get my life back on track.  I would like to see both of my children finish their undergraduate degree in 4 to 5 years. I am hoping my two Master's degrees plant some seeds to get them to see the benefits of a college education.
  5. Get to know yourself and love who you are before loving someone else.   It is important that my kids find who they truly are before entering a relationship with someone else. I found that the hard way that I needed to love myself and know who I am before I can enter a relationship with someone else.  It is hard to love someone if you do not love yourself.
  6. Find someone who will love you for who you are - not what you are not.   It is important to find someone who will not want to change who they really are. It is not worth being with someone who does not love them for who they are or try to make the m change. Unconditional love is very important in a relationship.
  7. Remember to give back to the community and fight for what you believe in.   I have a strong belief that it is important to speak up when you see something that you know is not right.  It is important to not remain silent for things that need to be supported. It is also important to help your community and give back to those who need it the most.
  8. Live a life with no regrets.   If you do not do something that you missed out on because of fear or not working harder towards your dreams, regrets can not fixed.  Take the world in your hands. Life is an adventure.  Travel and explore your world outside of what you live right now.  I do not have any regrets have both of you and grateful to have both of you in my life.  I want you to have no regrets in your lives.
  9. Be happy!  Does it need to be that simple?  Yes, it does.

These are the dreams and hopes that I have for my children. I hope to see big things for my children in the future.  I am very proud of them right now and know that they will do great things.

Hope, I find, is something we rely on too much. We use our hope for better as a scapegoat for our current mistakes or situations. All our lives, people ask us how we hope to see ourselves or our world in five, ten, fifteen years from now. Honestly, though, can we really answer that question? We have no idea what the world will be like in any given amount of time; we don't even know if we'll be alive at that given time. Even if I don't wind up being alive in the next five, ten, fifteen years, there are many things that I hope for the entire world of the future.
. One thing I would like for future Earth is peace. Though many have pointed out that complete world peace is impossible, that there will always be a war, I have a different definition of peace. I like to picture the world as a group or a team, where everyone works together to reach the same goal. Each person on the team might have their differences that they may ignore, and sometimes teammates fight with each other. Minus their differences, they all join together to work towards their goal. This is my vision of a peaceful world. We know that there are some countries that want to blow up other ones; they don't get along. I think that every person from every country being best friends is unrealistic, but I do think that we can all band together to work towards our main goal: staying alive. Because in the end, isn't that what we're all trying to do? War is inevitable in some cases but sometimes a simple conversation can change everything. I can't deny that this won't be easy, but this is something I would hope someone, whether in 50 or 500 years, gets to be a part of: a friendly world.
Another thing that I hope for the future is that the people are more conscious and responsible. I find that people in our society take advantage of things that are actually extraordinary. As I'm writing this, I'm walking up the stairs of a fifteen level cruise boat. I hear people complaining all around me: the food is cold, the rooms are small, the list goes on. Can they not comprehend the greatness of this? We are on a boat, in the middle of the ocean, traveling to an island for pleasure! Hundreds of years ago, we traveled by boat to find new land or to make a living. We as people have come so far, and some people today are just completely oblivious to greatness. I would hope that people of our future would recognize how far we've come and that sometimes the amazing things in life should just be enjoyed rather than criticized.            The second part of this is that I hope the people of the future will be more responsible about how they act. I've already pointed out that we have amazing things, including a planet. Ours is the only known planet that can sustain life, so it drives me crazy to see someone throw garbage out the car window or watch factories emit tons of harmful gases in a day. My next hope is that the people of the future will realize that we've all been given a gift and we should stop destroying it before it's too late. I know there's controversy about whether global warming exists or not, and even if it doesn't, we can all agree our world has gotten worse in the past years. I hope that future Earth will try to help our planet instead of hurt it.
The last thing I hope for the people of the future is that they keep religion. Whether the whole world is Jewish or if it's the same amount it is now, I don't care. Every other hope I have for the future comes from something I've learned in our religious studies. I think that religion is extremely important for people of all ages; it gives us a set of morals, rules to live by, and a community to be a part of. Religion in general is decreasing in family life for an endless list of reasons. So my last hope for the world is that being religious will continue to thrive.
In the end, my hopes for the world are simple. I think that most of them can be accomplished if people stop and think about the points I've made, and also think we each need to look at the point of view of someone else. I hope at least one of these things can be achieved, so the future of the Earth can be a little bit better.

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