Sociological Research Paper Ideas

      One of the most interesting subjects to write for student is sociology, as there you may describe the things that is very familiar for you, some of the life time experience that is easy to write about. However not all of the sociology topics are so interesting, and if you are going to choose the topic, you need to choose something you will be interested in and something that you would like investigate first of all for yourself.

Essays on sociology can be informative or argumentative, first one should bring a lot of new information and the second one should make people think. Both types of essays are concentrated on human social behavior.
It is really hard to choose what you want to write about, as sociology studies a lot of aspects and has a lot of topics to discuss, however we may offer you some of the topics to choose to write about in your research paper on sociology.

The most common topics are about feminism and it problems which has occurred far long ago and still can be reflected in some cases today. The good topics for feminism subject can be:

  • Do men have more rights than a woman?
  • Feminism movements during the history.
  • Anti-sexism as part of feminism.
  • The greatest manifestation of feminism throughtout the world back in 19-th century.
  • The power of the women’s art.
  • Is feminism manifestation normal today?
  • Does feminism exist today?
  • Do women work better than men?

Another good topic to talk will be marriage and children, as that refers to almost everybody, who is about to start a family or currently has some issues in the marriage or just need an advice on how to bring up their children better.

  • The concept of a perfect marriage.
  • How not to harm the child when divorcing.
  • The remarriage and it’s consequences.
  • The solution to abusive marriages.
  • The working privileges to one of the parent.
  • The consequences of same sex marriages and it’s perception of the world.
  • The problem of cross cultural marriages.
  • How to avoid divorce in your marriage.
  • Parents as a role model for child.
  • What do you need to be a good parent?
  • What way is the best to bring up a child: being strict or being a friend.
  • Child’s abuse and it’s problems.
  • The challenges that single parent should deal with.

Not less popular topic that we all go with it throughout our lives is social problems, which are crime, alcoholism, gambling ,etc. The good topics to discuss would be:

  • The issue of juvenile delinquency. Whose problems is it?
  • The problem of alcoholism and the ways to solve it.
  • Gambling and it’s consequences.
  • Terrorism nowadays. Comparison of today’s terrorism and terrorism centuries ago.
  • Does education influence on crime?
  • Is prison a good corrective method? If not what is the best corrective method?
  • Methods on how to win the gambling.
  • Teenage crime.

Social life is also really important subject and not less interesting, as we are living with it every day.  The good examples of it would be education, social change, development and culture.  You may choose one of the topics:

  • The best way to reach good results in education.
  • The most common issue in relationship between student and teacher.
  • Education as part of future life.
  • Decision making aspect when changing the life.
  • Globalization change and how it reflects on people.
  • The main aspects of social change.
  • The best ways for self-development.
  • The impact of social change on average person.

When choosing the topic, remember, choose something you are exited writing about, and only then your audience will be interested to listen to you. Good luck with your research paper!

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Sociology Term Paper Topics: 20 Interesting Problems To Explore

To create a good term paper in sociology is one of the easiest tasks that you can receive. This subject is so versatile and so easy to explore that almost any situation you ever faced in your life can be analyzed from the sociological point of view. If you want to make your paper appealing for your classmates, you have to discuss matters that are common to you all and provide solutions for them. Here are 20 interesting problems to take a look at:

  1. Gender stereotypes: How are these present in the society and how often we become aware of them? Give some well-known examples and explain why these can be damaging.
  2. Objectification of women. We can notice how the beauty standards become crucial in the life of every woman and how the media is dictating the look, behavior and qualities of women.
  3. Is technological progress causing damage? In many instances, the technology proved to be more dangerous than helpful.
  4. Discrimination against immigrants. Analyze the situation in your country and what solutions we can apply to stop this phenomenon from social and political point of view.
  5. Integrating immigrants in the society. They often come with a different cultural background, and they are considered abnormal by the mainstream society.
  6. Media and its role in public perception. Give examples on how media can influence opinions.
  7. Social media and the negative impact of standard communication.
  8. Feminism. Present the definition of feminism and how this can influence the society.
  9. Autistic children. Very often, they are perceived as being handicapped, when most of them are actually extremely gifted and intelligent.
  10. Present one historical even that changed the concepts of society. You can discuss a revolution, war or something similar.
  11. Socialization. How people learn how to socialize? Are we born with this quality or we develop it in time?
  12. The perfect age for marriage. Even if nowadays people tend to get married more and more late, apparently the ideal age is around 23.
  13. Extreme poverty. In some parts of the world, food and clean water are a luxury.
  14. Gender roles. What people expect men and women to do? Is this moral?
  15. Adoption by homosexual couples. Can this influence in negative way the adopted child?
  16. Religion. Most of the people feel the need to believe in a divinity, and it’s one of the most common human characteristics.
  17. The hierarchic structure of a group. Even when we don’t realize, each group has a leader, official or not.
  18. Globalization. What are the major effects of this phenomenon? Is it something positive or negative?
  19. How the place we live in can influence our personality? People who live in the rural area are different from the ones that live in a big city?
  20. Organ transplantation and the moral arguments that are supporting this procedure.

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