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Scientific Management & Frederick Taylor Essay

1287 WordsSep 23rd, 20126 Pages

Scientific management is defined by (Robbins et al., 2012) as ‘an approach that involves using scientific methods to define the “one best way” for a job to be done’. Frederick W. Taylor is said to be the forefather of scientific management, during his time many people criticised Taylor and his work, however it is easy to see that many of his approaches are used in contemporary management systems. This essay will provide a review of the article ‘The Ideas of Frederick W. Taylor’, Academy of Management Review (Locke, E., 1982) which discusses the positives and negatives of Taylor’s theory. A further 3 articles will be analysed on the critiquing or support of scientific management and Taylor.
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Locke (1982) also articulates Taylor’s major criticisms in his journal article; degradation of the worker, loss of complete skills, authoritarianism or dictatorship power given to management, exploitation of workers and dishonesty. Locke concludes his article stating that even though it has been 65 years since Taylor’s death and many more theorists of business management have risen and fallen, Frederick W. Taylor’s research and findings are still used in today’s business systems (1982, p.22).
Over the years many articles have been written regarding scientific management and Frederick w. Taylor, 3 examples of these articles will be analysed and discussed in the further paragraphs of this essay. Wrege, C. D. and Stotka, A. M. wrote an article concerning the relationship between Taylor and his assistant Morris L. Cooke and the evidence that shows Taylor used much of Cooke’s own research and study for his publication of ‘Principles of Scientific Management’. Blake A. M. and Moseley J. L. undertook research which discovered that Taylor’s principles are still being used in business systems one hundred years after Taylor’s death. Darmody, Peter B. wrote his article regarding Henry L. Gantt and Frederick Taylor as the pioneers of scientific management, Darmody speaks highly of Taylor and Gantt, and agrees with many of their opinions.
Wrege and Stotka’s article looks into the relationship between Taylor and Cooke, his assistant. Taylor leaned on Cooke to

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