Wordle Wise 3000 Book 5 Answer Key Lesson 5 Homework

wordly wise 3000 book 5 lesson 5

1. a great mass of ice, earth, or snow mixed with rocks sliding down a mountain.2. a great amount of something.
A heavy snowstorm with strong winds
1.To invite others to take part in a contest.2.To cause a person to use a lot of skillmor effort.3.To question or to argue against,especially when something is unfair or unjust.4.An interesting task or problem;something that takes skill or effort.5.A call to take part in a contest.
1 To get the better of.2 To defeat.3 The act of defeating
1 A deep narrow opening in rock caused by a split or crack.
1 Unwisely bold or daring.
1 To tempt or attract with the promise of something good.
2 Something that attracts.3 Artificial bait used for fishing.
1 A temporary and usually less strong replacement.
2 Used as a temporary replacement.
1One who looks at things in the most positive way;a cheerful,hopeful person.2 Cheerful;hopeful.3 A feeling of hope or cheerfulness.
1 Earlier;hapening before.
1 The path that must be followed to get to a place.
2 A fixed course or area assigned to a sales or delivery person.
1 The highest part;the top.2 A conference or meeting of the top leaders of goverments.
1 To block or defeat the plans or efforts of.
1 Running straight up and down; upright.

wordly wise 3000 book 4 lesson 5

n. Something done that takes skill or effort
v. To win someone over by arguing or asking.
adj. Having the power to persuade.
n. A stage in a series of changes.
adj. .odd or unusual in a pleasing or old-fashioned way.
v. To remember. To call or take back.
v. To refuse to accept or use. n. Something that falls short of what is acceptable.
v. To go over carefully in order to correct or improve. To change in order to bring up to date.
adj. Quick to notice or feel. Easily affected by even a slight change.
adj. Happening suddenly, without warning.
v. To interest and amuse. To have guests. To have in mind.
v. To get at quick look at. n. A quick or hasty look.
v. To make fun of. adj. not real:pretend.
v. To keep on doing or trying. To go on and on.
n. A feeling that someone or something is bad or unworthy.
v. To do what one sets out to do
v. To try, to make an effort. n. A try.
n. Sticking to something; not giving up
adj. refusing to give up.

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