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My photo project “Women in STEM: The New Generation of Engineers” is a portrait series targeted at young women. The project subtly asks why there aren’t more women in the STEM field through the participants discussing their own experiences and where their interest stemmed from.

During my interviews with the women pictured, the reasons behind why they think there aren’t more women and their experience of being a woman in a male dominated world did crop in—but what a lot of these women said is that when they are working, they’re just a scientist or an engineer, not a female scientist or a female engineer. It’s only at conferences or when they’re talking to people outside the field that gender comes up.

You can view some of the images and meet the women in the series below. To view the full project set to an audio track, click here.

Stephanie Smith‘s documentary photography is implicitly linked to British society. Perception and stereotype are constant themes in her practice and research into different projects is predominantly focused on talking to people to uncover what people’s preconceptions are, and then challenging them through photography. With a powerful belief that imagery has the power to educate and inform people, whether or not they realize it, her work is centered on telling individuals stories to open up eyes to wider social issues.

Title: Youth Art Depicts Gender Equality

Description: As part of ADB's Gender Month the winners of a youth art competition on equality talk about their pictures.

Text: 265 Filipino students joined an ADB-sponsored art competition with the theme “Color the Future: Women and Men – Achieving Together!” in celebration of International Gender Month.

The students were asked to interpret through art how men and women cooperate with one another and to portray how gender equality is not just a woman’s issue, but an issue for everyone.

12 students emerged as the winners of the contest. They talked about their drawings.

SOT: Patricia Nicole P. Valdez
Cayetano Arellano High School, Manila City
I wanted to depict men and women doing the same jobs. I hope both will be able to pursue their dreams. Like being a doctor, an architect, and being able to travel overseas.

SOT: John Alex N. Canoneo
Dipolog City National High School
This shows that men are not above women, both genders are equal. They’re holding hands to portray that women need to contribute to our country’s economy and in the decision-making process so that we will all have a bright and colorful future.

SOT: Shayna P. Alfuente
Melchora Aquino Elementary School, Manila City
(My drawing) shows that men need women to achieve what they want to do.

SOT: John Mark Lumaino
Virlainie Foundation, Makati City
I would like men and women to have equal jobs and opportunities so that both can help their families.

SOT: Aria Jane Escol
Lun Padidu Elementary School, Sarangani Province
(My drawing) is about gender, about men and women holding hands.

SOT: Ryan Christopher A. Lihay-lihay
Cayetano Arellano High School, Manila City
My drawing shows that women and men can do the same jobs such as being a construction worker, a policeman or woman, and being a nurse.

SOT: Reggie Noreen S. Acorda
Cayetano Arellano High School, Manila City
This shows a woman and a man holding a trophy that symbolizes both of them being able to achieve their dreams and aspirations in life. In my sub-concept, I showed a woman offering love.

SOT: John Adnel L. Pazague
Melchora Aquino Elementary School, Manila City
Even though men and women are equal at work, they should still help each other.

SOT: Job Russell D. Floranza
Cayetano Arellano High School, Manila City
My drawing shows equality between men and women, as both genders strive for a bright future ahead of them.

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