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What you imagine we bring that to life! For the best selection of MBA PHD proposal and thesis topics

MBA PHD proposal and thesis Topics that help your future
We understand that several students are left confused when it comes to choosing their MBA PHD proposal and thesis topic, either because of too many choices in some cases or because the selected MBA PHD  proposal and thesis topic is already been researched on. Regardless of what your dilemma is we help you build the right MBA PHD proposal and thesis topic from scratch keeping in mind your profile.

The right MBA PHD topic for you

Before recommending a MBA PHD proposal and thesis thesis topic, our experienced consultants will factor in various variables such as:

  • Your goals
  • Your objectives
  • Your expectations from your doctorate
  • Prospective industry or field of research you wish to work in
  • Time availability for research
  • Interview questions and much more

Note: as MBA PHD proposal and thesis trainers, we will work with you in topic selection until it is approved.

Finstock Consultants can assist you at any stage of the MBA PHD research proposal/thesis training process, from the conception of an idea to its final, polished completion. We will work with you to make certain that you present your best self…in writing. Listed below are the services that we offer but if you have any other MBA PHD research proposal/thesis training needs, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to accommodate any and all requests.

Complete MBA PHD Research Proposal/Thesis Training

We cover all aspects of your MBA PHD research proposal/thesis  from inception to the final thesis, we help you every step of the way from a fresher student to a doctorate holder our experts help you make it all possible

MBA PHD Research Proposal/Thesis Training on Topic Selection

Our expert consultants can help you assess your options and provide you with help on MBA PHD research proposal/thesis training on  topic selection. Our academics trainers will work with you to ensure that your MBA PHD research proposal/thesis topic selection is meaningful.

MBA PHD Research Proposal/Thesis Proposal Training

A personalized consultation is available to help you write the perfect MBA PHD research proposal/thesis proposal as a strong starting point for your research


Let us help you set the stage for the rest of your research, we help you address your MBA PHD research proposal/thesis research problem, research overview, significance and much more

Literature Review

With years of research experience our consultants are avid academics with an eye for detail, we provide you with the latest and most relevant resources to help model your MBA PHD research proposal/thesis  research effectively.

Research Design & Methodology

From MBA PHD research proposal/thesis hypothesis to sample size to statistical analytics, we help you determine and implement the most suitable approach to your MBA PHD research proposal/thesis research according to your needs.

Data Analysis and Research Results

At Finstock Consulting our statisticians have significant experience in MBA PHD research proposal/thesis  qualitative and quantitative analytics, research design, and software. We can help you with Stochastic Modelling, Risk Analysis, Probability Modelling, Linear Programming, Econometric Analysis, Signal Processing, Control Charts, Descriptive Statistics, Descriptive statistics, Relational statistics, inferential statistics, & much more. Our statisticians are proficient in the use of SPSS, EViews, MATLAB, STATA and various other software suites.

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