Balance Physical Fitness Definition Essay

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Wellness to me includes 5 dimensions that create and define our health. It is not only physical, but its mental, intellectual, spiritual, and social. Although there are 5 dimensions everyone will interpret each different and incorporate different levels of each. For example, physical and mental are my strong points that are heavily emphasized. As other people, you will find they are more spiritual or social. However you look at it wellness is defined by the person but this is my way of looking at it!

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At the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a school I am currently enrolled in, wellness is characterized by spirituality, career, physical activity and relationship on a circle with a pyramid sectioned up by grains, vegetables, fruits, oils and proteins. Water is the base and on the outside of the pyramid.

I think there is not one definitive answer to what is wellness, however at it's most fundamental definition, I believe it is having balance in your life-work, play, eating well, exercising and having solid, trusting relationships.

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For me, wellness includes three things: balance in body, mind, and soul. I think of them as separate points on an equilateral triangle. No one area is more important than the other, but when one area is out of balance, so will the others.

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It would be easy to give you the list of things in the wellness wheel that anybody can find off of a google search but what does it really mean?

To me it means happiness with ones own physical, mental, and social well being. If a person is "well" then they can really see and feel the beauty and excitment in the world around them.

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To me wellness is a holistic approach that balances all entities of our life-the Physical (incl diet, activity, rest..); Emotional (acceptance of own feeling, optimism...); Intellectual (creativity, knowledge..); Social (relationship, welfare..); Environmental (personal, occupational..); and above all Spiritual (integrating values, beliefs..). The philosophy of wellness is - 'achievement of a well-balanced life is responsibility of the individual'.

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