Government Contractor Cover Letter Examples

Government and Military Job Seeking Tips

When you are searching for jobs in Government and Military, it is important to create an appealing cover letter. Your cover letter should outline your skills, accomplishment, and work experience, so a prospective employer understands why you are a good fit for the job. Use the following tips to create a polished cover letter.
1. The best cover letters are easy to read, with headed sections and bullet-points. This makes it easy for someone to quickly scan your cover letter and determine if you are a good fit for the job.
2. At the top of your cover letter, make sure to include a summary and skills section that highlights the reasons you are a great candidate for the job.
3. It is okay if your cover letter is longer than one-page. However, try to limit it to two pages unless you are a doctor or in academics.
4. Use strong, action-oriented words to describe your work experience. Avoid sayings like “duties included. ” This is something you read on a job description, not a cover letter.
5. Include any numbers or metrics that quantify your work achievements. Details about sales results, money saved, or high dollar contracts can be very appealing to a prospective employer.

Dear Ms. Romero,

I read with interest your advertisement in the Denver Post for the Contract Specialist position and am writing to announce my candidacy. With eight years of experience working as a Marine Corps Contract Specialist as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management I present an excellent choice. My extensive experience in contract negotiation and administration allowed for procurement of supplies services construction and development needs. I have expert capabilities in contract interpretation renegotiation creation and extensions.

The Marine Corps demanded high standards and I in turn executed complex multimillion-dollar federal contracts in response. My specialized military background combined with my Bachelor’s degree combine to make me an excellent choice for your private-sector contract specialist position. With experience in federal contract work I am able to draft contracts that win out over other competitive government project bids. My education included 24 hours of contracts classes allowing me to have a focused knowledgeable perspective.

Simpson Production will be gaining an invaluable asset with me as a Contract Specialist. I am excited to meet with you to further discuss what I can offer. You can reach me either by telephone or via email to schedule a time for us to meet.


Julian Gutierrez

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